Lilac Hill Stables, Shetland Ponies and Miniature Horses
Located in Central Minnesota, Lilac Hill Stables is owned and operated by John and Jenny Christensen.

 We are home to a handful of AMHR/ASPC ponies. We have been drawn to the amazing beauty and talent these ponies offer. We love producing a small number of foals each year and watching them grow up. It is not our goal to be as big as possible but to produce a handful of the best quality we can produce. We strive to produce foals that are of the highest quality and that are competitive on a National level. We both work full time jobs and see our ponies as a hobby. We love meeting new people at the shows and the network of friends we have made around the world is amazing and so special! We are very excited about the future of AMHR/ASPC ponies. Not only are they intelligent and fast learners, but one can not help but to be drawn to their style and grace. We strive for pretty headed ponies and they have long necks, long legs and beautiful movement.

The AMHR National show, held in Tulsa Oklahoma each year is the second largest breed show in the country! ASPC ponies are shown at Congress which has been held in Des Moines Iowa. We see lots of opportunity for growth among ASPC registered ponies and look forward to being a part of that. Not only are miniature horses and Shetland ponies excellent for youth, but they are proving themselves to wonderful for older adults who are ready to step away from the requirements of a full size horse but would still like to be involved with equine. They are also considerably more efficient in their feed and space requirements.

Lilac Hills  Eyes on the Prize HOF Rhapsodys Mr Millionaire

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